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serving Northwest Ohio

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I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers ( and attended my third convention this year held in Columbus, Ohio. Below is a picture of the NAPO Ohio Chapter.  Our chapter is located in Columbus, so  we were basically the home team.  We were put in charge of a mixer called the “Amazing Race NAPO”:.  It was awesome!    

There were around 650 professional organizers from all over the nation and overseas gathered in Columbus, Ohio to hear 3 keynote speakers and attend  latterly dozens of  educational sessions geared toward the latest in helping people let go of their over abundance ot “Things”.  This is a fast growing profession and has many levels of certification programs that many of the general public has little information.  We are a highly trained group of professionals and I think an interesting story at some time.



In Its Place Ltd. is a professional organizing company in Toledo

I will provide confidential, objective, fun organizing services for home, office or both!  I work one-on- one with my clients to help them set up systems that work for them.  Organizing is not always making everything pretty although I try, it is about what will work for you in the long run.

Being disorganized is stressful to your daily life.  Sometimes being disorganized can jeopardize your job or a relationship.  In Its Place Ltd. can help you dig out of the clutter that life throws at you and do it with a smile.

Do I need a professional organizer?
Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions

  • Am I always late because I can never find my car keys?
  • Am I ashamed to have a dinner party because my dining room table is buried?
  • Do I park my car outside because I still have Christmas decorations in the garage along with every other holiday and there is no room for my car?
  • Am I downsizing and am overwhelmed with the process?
  • Do I want to sell my house, but my realtor told me that homes sell better if they are not cluttered?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact In Its Place Ltd.

Organize closetsLet me help you organize your home

  • Organize closets
  • Organize storage
  • Organize garage
  • Organize children’s rooms and schedule

Let me help you organize your work space

According to a survey sixty-one percent of respondents indicate that paper-based documents are the most difficult source of information to access. One reason may be that people are too busy and simply do not allocated the time necessary to set up and maintain an organizational filing system; In Its Place Ltd. can help!

De-stress Your Life
Organize Your 5 Life Zones

High levels of productivity and creativity occur only if we have learned organizational and time management skills read more

After all the preparation of pre-moving In Its Place Ltd. will strive to make your home look as spacious and inviting to potential buyers as more

Stepping on toys? Misplacing your keys? Running out of time for errands? Chores not getting done? read more

Everything in your home needs a home. Without a home, things aren’t just “homeless.” They’re clutter.
read more


According to the Wall Street Journal US executives lose six weeks each year looking for something in their piles of paper. Maybe they can afford it, but can you? read more

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Lori speaks to organizations, contact her for more information.

Lori’s been in the more

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